Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my niece and nephew!

Buddy was there too:

Showing off some new tricks:

Where's Jena?

Jena couldn't come... she had a friend over to play :oD

Jammer stayed with us for a few days. What a sweetie she is!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 5

I have picked colors... FINALLY!!! Here they are:

In the paint picture on THIS POST, it's the one on top in the center. I LOVE how this color makes my MIL's sunset picture glow!

We got a notice that our dining room table is here! The baskets and behind the sofa shelves should arrive this week... things are happening now!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Good Day for a Run

Cheryl has been working hard training for her 50K race coming up in October. We have been running in some beautiful places. Today we ran from the top of Peak Park in Newport Beach to Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach. I'm still on my bike, but my foot is getting better. Thanks for the strap, Dad! It's really helping!

The weekend before she ran at Malibu State Park for 17 miles. Look at the size of Cheryl's Water Pack compared to everyone else's. I didn't go on that run (it was too rough for a bike) so she had to carry her own water... It was HEAVY!! But she said that she was the only one that didn't run out of water "oD

The weekend before that she ran 18 miles in Dove Canyon. I was along for that one. That's when we learned how much water is needed for these long runs. I was carrying 72 oz of water for the two of us and we ran out.

Well, that's it. I hope to be running again in a couple of weeks!

July Card Kit Reveal

Welcome to the Club Mojo July card kit reveal! We have 10 ladies in the club this year!!! These are all wonderful ladies who I've had the good fortune to meet at Scrappin' Mojo.

It's time for our Club reveal, and this month's card kit was put together by Niki!

I'm in the middle of redecorating the house, so I only had time for one card this month. I still have a lot of this gorgeous kit left over, and plan to make more. I used a great sketch from Sktech N' Dies as my inspiration:

And here is my card!

I'm going to enter this card in the latest Sketch N' Dies challenge.
Have a great weekend, all!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 5.5

Caroline ordered us some new samples. YIKES!!! Look at all those colors! My top three and Cheryl's top three are the same (the ones with the stars), but how to pick which one? This is a tough decision! I don't know how to pick! Oh, the STRESS!!!

The light beiges are so much the same that I don't think we can go wrong with either....

The darker beiges is another story... I don't like either of them. The hunt for dark beige continues.

Want to know a nice thing about this paint from Dunn-Edwards? It cleans up very easy! Want to know how I know that?

When I got home from work, I ran over the poster board... It cleaned right up with a wet cloth, YAY! ;oD

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 5

We have homework... or I should say that I have homework, but the good kind :oD Caroline gave Jim all these books of paint chips to bring home.

These are not the tiny chips that you get at the hardware store... these are HUGE! Ethan Allen makes it easy for me to pick out some colors that make me SMILE! I went back to the store today. Caroline is going to order samples in my choices and; now that she knows my preference for bright colors, she's going to add a few of her own.

Time to go get some more poster board!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 4.5

Jim picked up the paint samples this week. Here are the accent color choices that Caroline picked out.

None of them make me feel happy. They all have a touch of grey. I can see how that tones down the color so that it's not so "in your face" but to me they are all blah... drab and dingy...

And here is the main wall color.

I'm going to ask her for a brighter accent color and the tan color is going to be too dark for the entry way. We'll see what happens next...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 4

Back to window dressings... we went to see Caroline today, and I got my first look at the blinds. The one I liked had a yellow/green tinge to it, so I went with my second choice.

Next we picked fabric for the curtains. We were going to do something fancy with a colored panel/runner (in teal) going through the off-white curtains, but since the blinds had a pattern in it, it looked too busy for me. So I just went with a plain off-white.

I thought that would be it, but NO!

What curtain bar do I want? After much deliberation... Dark wood.
What type of top? Grommet, reverse pleat, goblet pleat, french pleat, triple pleat, double pleat, plain? YIKES!!!
What type of finial? Uh, what's a finial?
Lined or unlined? Whew, and easy one... Lined.
What type of finishing on the sides of the grass blinds? Uh.... brown?

{{{WHEW}}} Okay... window dressing is done. Now on to PAINT!

I had to NIX the orange. YIKES! Way too scary! Most of the walls are going to be beige and there are going to be two accent walls. One behind the sofa and one in the dining room. Jim has to pickup the color samples from the paint store. Here is what we decided on today (I greyed all the paint sample colors except the ones that we decided on):

We picked the curtain top on the right (it's less fussy). It was a compromise between my plain top and Jim's triple pleat:

And here is what it all looks like together now:

Other than that, I'm still cleaning out craft stuff this week and the basket hunt continues this weekend...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - Week 3.5

Next up we have blinds....

Here are the choices that the designer pulled together for our collection (checkout those paint colors... they look a little scary to me) :bug eyes:

We want to put the same blinds in the kitchen, since the rooms flow together. Right now the kitchen has no blinds (I've been meaning to get some for the last three years o-O ) Here is what they look like in the kitchen:

And here are what they all look like with the light shining through them.

I think I like the one on the left the best, but I need to see them all in person.
Which one do you like?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!!

We had a nice day. I spent all morning cleaning my crafty stuff out of the dining room. Here is what I've got to do...

It's not really that messy all the time. I already started moving stuff around before I realized that I needed to take pics first. I was too lazy to put it all away for the pics. Here is a close up:

The sewing cabinet has to go. Everything I want to keep that's in and on the cabinet and all my drawers have to move to a shorter area behind the love seat. It has to all fit there along-side all the computer stuff... Yeah, it's a BIG job!

In the late afternoon we headed over to a nice family gathering, and from there headed to the Galaxy game. After the game they always have a nice fireworks show. The Galaxy have never lost on a 4th of July since we've been attending :oD

We hope you all had a GREAT day!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 3

After I got the printouts of furniture and fabrics and held it up in the room, I didn't want my living room all blue... The whole thing came down on me...it seemed dull and depressing.

We went back to Ethan Allen on our own to look at furniture again. We went through so fast last time that I wanted to take my time and browse more. Caroline happened to be there, and we talked about my reluctance to the all blue pallet. She convinced me that I could bring in other colors with accessories. I was happy again and left.

When I got home, I freaked out again! LOL! I spent time on the computer looking at all the things that I pinned. Instead of looking for nice rooms, I looked for colors that made me happy.

I called her, she told me not to stress, and to text her the pictures. I told her that I'd have to use Jim's phone because mine doesn't have a camera. We couldn't figure out how to send a picture on Jim's phone, so I ended up emailing her:

Cheryl calls it "beach tropical" instead of "beach nautical" (aka "old sea chest").

The following day, Caroline called us in again... She completely changed everything for us... in ONE DAY! She said that the colors and designs I went for are for outdoor furniture. So she toned it down for us a little.... AND I am very happy now with an orange/turqoise/tan/ivory pallet. WOW! I LOVE IT!!!

We ordered a sofa/loveseat, dining room table and 4 upolstered chairs, coffee table, ottoman and pillows. The color is mostly in the pillows, so it will be easy to change the colors if I get tired of them.

I still might get two more dining room chairs. I'm also getting window coverings and carrying those into the kitchen.

After dragging my feet for a year, Jim and I made a decision and ordered in three weeks. Jim pretty much let me get whatever I wanted. Problem was that I didn't know what I wanted... I'm glad that Caroline knew.

Furniture should be here in 6-8 weeks. In the meantime, the window people are coming to measure, and I need to start purging my crafting supplies. I know there is a lot there that I don't use. All my stuff is sitting out in the dining room. Caroline told me that once I get the new furniture in there, I'm going to obsess about the mess against the dining room wall. I believe her... So, I figure it's better to start cleaning and purging now. I nixed her idea of a sofa back table, and I decided to put a cabinet behind the loveseat to hold my crafty stuff. Now, I just need to get all my stuff into one cabinet. YIKES!