Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wind and Smoke

Welcome to Fall in Southern California. One weather pattern that heralds the coming of Fall is the Santa Ana Winds. That is when a ridge of high pressure causes the hot, dry winds to blow in from the desert. It's typically in the 90's with winds gusting up to 40-50mph! My brother's family had a large tree in their front yard blow over... thank goodness it missed the house.

Along with the first winds of the season come the brush fires. Usually they don't reach the houses, but this year lots of houses were burned in Malibu and are threatened here in North Irvine/Tustin Heights. The above is a photo of the smoke from the parking lot where I work in Tustin.

Here are a couple of photos that I took on my way home.

Please keep all the fire victims in your prayers.


michele said...

oh wow!

please stay safe!

Dolores said...

oh Joni my thoughts are with you all!!