Friday, March 21, 2008

High School Sports

Well, we switch from a weekend of soccer to a week of track and lacrosse.

Chris had his first track meet this week against Dana Hills High School, at Dana Hills. His events were the 1600m (one mile), and the 800m (half mile). Dana Hills is a FAST team. Even the cross country team that they raced last fall, was really really fast. Dana Hills swept the meet. Chris finished the mile in 5 minutes 17 seconds, that put him in the middle of the group. He's happy. 5 minutes 17 seconds is a new personal best for him. He came in 4th to last in the 800m. He said he was too tired after running the mile.

Cheryl's team played Dana Hills High School at home, and since I'm the team photographer, I was at the Lacrosse game. Jim went to the track meet and took video, so I could see the race too. Capo beat Dana Hills 10-7! So even though Dana Hills won the track meet, they lost the Lacrosse game.

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