Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Sports Report

Chris ran an amazing race yesterday afternoon. He usually runs the 1 mile and 2 mile. He asked the coach if he could skip the 2 mile... the last few races he came in last place in the 2 mile (far enough back in last place to get the pity clap). The coach told him that if he could finish the 1 mile in 5:10 (that's 10 seconds faster than his current PR) that he could skip the 2 mile. Chris had an amazing 1 mile... finished in 5:12.

He still had to run the 2 mile, but was very happy with his 1 mile time. AND he didn't come in last in the 2 mile! One of Chris's friends overheard their long distance coach tell the head coach, "Now I know what motives him (Chris), I should tell him to finish in 4:50 next time." LOL!

Soccer for Chris was Sunday instead of Saturday... that means that Chris didn't have track practice before his game. He had a great game today. He played mid-field and ran up and back the entire time he was in. He even had a couple shots on goal (both wide). His team WON today 3-0!

Bob won on Tuesday. They always seem to win when Cheryl isn't there. This weekend, her team ended up playing down a player. It looked like it was going to be bad, but they played hard and only lost by one... 1-2.

Sports this week:

WED - Track Meet
SAT - 10:15 AM Wagon Wheel
SUN - 3:50 PM Wagon Wheel

WED- Soccer (Bob) 7pm Arroyo
SAT - 9:00 AM Forster 5


Mary said...

I can't wait until you post that Chris finished in the top 3!

BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVE your sports photos!! they are FANTASTIC.. 4:50... GO CHRIS..... :) I have no doubt he would hit it!! Congrats on his 5:12... wowy... I think kids are faster these days! LOL!!
Have a GREAT day.. and Happy Monday!
P.S.... you can blog hop with anything at PTI... they dont say anything.. just take the challenge and link it up on the 25th! I LOVE it.. so much inspiration.. THANKS again for the SD4U blog hop!
WOWY that was a novel of a reply! :)

Stayce DeWid said...

you take awesome photos Joni!