Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy National Run at Work Day - Friday 5

Today I'm going to share my celebration of National Run at Work Day. So, what did I do? I ran at work! Here are some photos of my lunch time run. I'm so fortunate to have a nice offroad trail behind my building... plus locker rooms with showers!

I start by running behind the building and down the stairs to the park.

There is another flight of stairs at the far end of the park that goes under the street.

From there I hook up with the trail to Whiting Ranch. It's a pretty off-road trail.

Here is the killer hill that I have to run up on my way back... FULL SUN, LONG, STEEP... KILLER!

Unfortunately, it has to end back at work.

That was my National Run at Work Day. Thanks for coming with me!


Mara... said...

Yeah for running!!! Those are some great photos, looks like a great place to run.

BethieJ said...

Way to go Joni! Great photos too!