Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday 5 - Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It seems like it was just Halloween! I can't believe that it's Thanksgiving already! The year is just flying by... This Thanksgiving weekend starts with my birthday. Yep! 50yrs this weekend! I doesn't bother me... 50 is just a number, and I don't feel 50. I don't think I look it either and my very wonderful family supports me on that, hehehe... thanks, guys!

We had a great dinner at one of my very favorite places, TODAI! I got some wonderful presents too... lots of GCs for GAP (my favorite store). Cheryl and I braved the crowds at the mall and went shopping today! The kids got me a giant tootsie roll, lol! Not really, but you've got to admire the wrapping job. They got me a foam roller (Hey, Mara, I have a foam roller now! YIPEE!!) Jim surprised me with tickets to see Jeff Dunham at the POND! It's for tomorrow night, and I'm so excited!

Here is a photo of Chris giving his Thanksgiving toast (it's for extra credit in Spanish class). My cousin held Thanksgiving at her house this year. She just finished some major remodeling. Her house is gorgeous! I especially LOVE her kitchen. Hopefully, I will get the chance to do mine next year.

Before heading to my cousin's for Thanksgiving, Chris and I ran the 10K Turkey Trot in Dana Point. It was clear and COLD! We both PR'd... I wanted to finish in 53 minutes, and ended up finishing in 51! YAHOO! Chris left me in the dust, finishing in 43 minutes and this was without even trying. He said that he was going at cruising speed instead of race pace. I'll add more about the Turkey Trot in a future post.

I finished the Cross Country photo albums! 78 albums and just over 2000 photos! I still need to finish the frames for the seniors, hopefully by the end of this weekend. I've got to get moving on them... the banquet is coming up next week!

On the way to the mall, Cheryl and I stopped for our first RED CUP of the season! Now the season is offically underway! Here comes Santa Claus...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


BethieJ said...

Joni.. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (belated!!) LOVE the giant tootsie roll!! CONGRATS on the PRs... what a beautiful photo! and WOWY GREAT job on the albums.. you ROCK mom! :)
Have a GREAT day!

Mara... said...

HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY JONI!!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. You are going to love that foam roller, it has really saved my muscles on many many occasions!! Congrats on the PR, that is awesome!!!! And all those albums, you are a rock star for sure!!!

Gina said...

WTG on your PR!!! Glad you had a great birthday too!

Mary said...

Loved seeing the pictures! That sure is a lot of photos! I bet you are glad that job is over! OK....I have to stop ending all my sentences with!