Monday, April 26, 2010

Teacher Strike - Day 3

Since Jim was off work last week, this was my first day at the High School since the strike started. The teachers looked like they were having a party. We passed three teachers walking up the hill to the High School carrying 15 pink boxes of donuts, lol!

Chris's English teacher assigned an extra credit project when the strike started, so Chris took some poster board to school and worked on his project today. They also did a packet on how to buy a house... oh, and they did yoga. They combined another class in with Chris's class today, so they had 15 or so kids.

The boys tried to do a track workout after class. The security guard wouldn't let them on the track, so they ran over to the college and worked out there until the college threw them out. After that they snuck back to the High School and finished the workout there.

Tomorrow, we don't know if there is strike or not... We were instructed to check the web site in the morning.

I have a photo for today and I'll add it to the post (when I can find my cable).

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Mary said...

Looks like you didn't find your cable or you are like me...BUSY! Your teacher's strike does not sound anything like what we have had here in our area. Hopefully, it will end soon and Chris can go back to having a "normal" day.