Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day!

Chris and I started out this cloudy morning at the Laguna Hills Half Marathon. The 5K and half-marathon started together with around 6000 runners. It got a little crowded going through Leisure World, but the crowd thinned out quite a bit after the 5K broke away towards the finish line and Chris and I continued on with the half-marathon group. I use the term "Chris and I" very loosly, since the only time I saw Chris after the start was when he was looping back. Our unoffical times are: Chris 1:40, and me 1:58.

After that we had Memorial Day lunch at my mom and dad's house... and Memorial Day means Pool Setup Day! Everyone is hard at work. This year we managed not to make any mistakes!

Of course, it's not just the pool... the life guard tower needs assembly too!

It's not all work... the nieces and nephews are taking some time out for play.

Chris is being a little optomistic... it will take three days to fill the pool with enough water for swimming.

Cheryl and Chris are taking time out to try the tandem bike. Cheryl seems to be having some trouble getting on the front.

Okay, change in plans... Chris is going to do the driving...

My little niece racing Chris and Cheryl... looks like she's winning! When Cheryl got back she commented, "Do you know you can't steer from the back?"

Saddle on up! Time to go home!


We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Holiday!


Mara... said...

Great photos Joni!!! Looks like you had a good time getting the pool setup. We went on bike rides, too. What great weather it was. And congrats on another sub-2 hour half marathon!! Awesome!

Mary said...

Yes, those are some great photos! I bet Cheryl is always a hoot. It looks like everyone had a nice time and enjoyed their day.

BethieJ said...

Joni sounds like a WONDERFUL day!!! LOVED all your photos!!!!