Monday, July 19, 2010

OC Fair 5K - Opening Day

It's opening day of the OC Fair again!

Chris, our neighbor Tina, and I ran the 5K. This was Tina's second 5K. Her first 5K was in the 28 minute range. This 5K was 26:54! GO TINA!

I finished in good time... not a PR, but still good:

Overall: 92 out of 618
Women: 21 out of 365
F 50-54: 1 out of 32
Age/Grade: 70.63% Place: 25
Finish: 23:58 Pace: 7:43

Chris has a NEW PR!!! This is even after he crashed coming around a turn at the beginning of the race. He skinned up his leg, both hands, and back when he rolled.

Overall: 20 out of 618
Men: 19 out of 253
M 15-19: 4 out of 10
Age/Grade: 71.37% Place: 19
Finish: 18:56 Pace: 6:06



Mara... said...

Awesome job Joni!!!! You and Chris are on a roll with the running races. I love to read about your accomplishments!

Mary said...

Congratulations to you both! I hope Chris is not too sore.