Monday, November 8, 2010


Don't give me those cute puppy dog eyes! Bad Dog, Jena!

Cheryl was home with Jena on Friday morning. She was deep in thought studying for her Chemistry challenge test (she needs it to test into Organic Chemistry without the correct prereqs). When she looked up, she saw the floor and said "Oh my Gosh!"... not exactly that, but something with a similar meaning.

Cheryl had to take time out from studying to clean up the floor and chase Jena around the backyard with the hose. At the moment, Cheryl and Jena are still not speaking to each other.

On the plus side, Cheryl passed her Chemistry challenge test, meaning that she can take organic chemistry next semester. AND that means she can put in for a transfer to a 4-year college next Fall!


Colleen said...

Oh my heavens, poor thing. Just look how sorry he looks.

Mary said...

Welcome to my world!!! What on earth did she get into? I sure hope that was mud and not something else...eeewwwww. YEAH for Cheryl! Glad she passed her exam!