Thursday, June 23, 2011

Congratulations Chris!!!

Yesterday was Chris's High School Graduation! That's it for us! No more High School-ers! There were 664 graduating seniors... smaller than Cheryl's class, which was just over 800.

The night of graduation is Grad Night. Chris went back to school at 9pm where there was a dance in one of the gyms. After a couple hours, they all piled onto buses and went out to Bellflower for a night of entertainment. Chris had a GREAT time and was in very high spirits when I picked him up at 6am this morning. That didn't last long... he was out within 10 minutes of his head hitting his pillow.

Anyway, back to graduation... it was a pleasantly breezy day as we sat and watched the ceremony... trying to pick Chris out of a sea of black.


Grandma, papa, my SIL and all the kids came to cheer Chris on!

Here are the obligatory posed shots... Of our family...

And with Grandma and Papa...

After the ceremony, we went back to the house for cake. I actually tried to make a reservation at Farrell's. It took me a couple of hours of trying to get through, and then when I asked to make a reservation, they laughed at me! I think that was very unprofessional of them, but then I guess they were overrun with graduation parties.

So, We had a nice relaxing family time at home...

Look! It's the first graduate from the class of 2020!

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Mary said...

I think Moore's is a perfect place for a graduation gathering. hahaha Congratulations Chris! Looks like a great time with lots of good memories.