Sunday, January 8, 2012

New pictures

I'm on a wall decorating spree! It's amazing how just changing the pictures around in a room can make it feel like new! I've never been a big wall decor person, but with Cheryl's help, I managed to put together a nice wall.

The drawing by Cheryl isn't new... I just moved it from a different wall. And I added a couple of my favorite layouts of the kids. The highlight of the wall is my Christmas present from Chris. Isn't this great?!!! It's a panorama he took of Positano, Italy last summer. I really LOVE it!


Mary said...

Joni! I love it! The pictures are placed perfectly and it is something I would have not thought of doing. Love the photos of Itally! Breathtaking!

Mary said...
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Mara... said...

Beautiful wall!!! Now please come over and re-decorate my walls. Ha ha!