Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone had nice weather this weekend. Our weather was gorgeous! Beach Weather!
It's a perfect day for doggie beach, and fun and games in the sand!
Jena is getting to be a real Frisbee dog!
Hmmm... a swimming dog?
Good girl, Jena!
This is what FUN looks like! LOL!
I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day. Three day weekends seem to go by so FAST. It's back to work tomorrow...


Mary said...

It sure looks like Jena had fun!!! I love the picture of her shaking. It looks like she is holding her head still, but shaking her entire body! LOL You always have such great pictures to share. Thanks!!!

By the way, what is in the background of the first picture? It kind of looks like a power plant.

BethieJ said...

What GREAT photos Joni! Looks like EVERYONE had FUN at the beach!! :)
Have a GREAT day!!