Friday, January 4, 2013

A Random Day

How about a day starting with a morning of ice, a trip through the snow to the desert where we saw a giant sea serpent AND a life and death battle between a grasshopper and a scorpion?

It's just a typical New Year's Eve in Southern California, haha!

So, Cheryl and I started with an early morning run... 5:30am and 37F! It was COLD! The grass and roofs were frosted, and the cars were covered in ice.

While we were gone, Jim was packing up the truck for our trip to the desert.

This is a trip to the DESERT? We certainly didn't expect SNOW!

WELCOME to the Anza Borrego Desert!

A rich guy whose family made their millions by inventing Post-Its paid to have these huge metal statues put up to generate tourism to the little town of Borrego Springs. The statues are scattered throughout the town... it's like being on a scavenger hunt.

Here is the sea serpent. It's HUGE... its humps span the highway!

We also liked the grasshopper vs the scorpion...

Here's Team Grasshopper:

... And here's Team Scorpion:

We also did a little 4-wheeling while we were out there:

Thanks for joining us on our typical Southern California Day!


Mary said...

Thanks for taking me along! What a great day! I smiled when I saw the snow. It looked like home.

BethieJ said...

Joni that looks like a PERFECT way to spend the day.. those sculptures were so COOL!! What a GORGEOUS day it was!! (and SNOW too... WOWY! We havent even seen that yet! :) )
Happy New Year!