Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Endeavors

While we are still healing up from the marathon, Cheryl and I have taken up kick-boxing. This is a lot of FUN. We've gone three times now. We now know the difference between a jab, upper-cut and a hook. Watch out for Cheryl!... she has a MEAN round-house kick.

Another of our new endeavors is doodling. We are taking a doodling class by Joanne Sharpe. You might wonder if we actually need a class to doodle... the answer is YES! Doodling is ART!Well, maybe we're not making art yet, but we are having a lot of fun making pictures using a lot of different techniques:

Here is the cover for my doodle album:

We are told to cast aside our inhibitions and draw like a second grader:

We started with a doodle tree:

Here is my first doodle flower garden... FAIL!

Now that is a doodle flower garden! This is with pen and ink.

Here is another one that I did with pen and watercolor. I don't like this technique as much:

Cheryl wanted me to share her doodle flower garden:

There is more to come with acrylic and paint markers... stay tuned.


Mary said...

JONI!!! Those are truly a work of art. I love the one you think is a fail. That chicken is spot-on. I am very impressed. Cheryl's garden turned out great too. Love her blue background. It really made the flowers pop.

Niki Willaert said...

Absolutely love your doodle masterpieces Joni!! Just fantastic stuff!

And the kickboxing looks very fun too!