Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 24th Birthday, Cheryl!

Cheryl says, "Don't post embarrassing pictures of me." Well, she doesn't seem to understand that it's the mom's job to post cute pictures of her kiddos... even though those pictures might be embarrassing.

I went to my pictures of 20 years ago and found this... 4 year old Cheryl:

Awww... Isn't she adorable? hehehe...

This picture of tonight has been given the Cheryl stamp of approval... completely non-embarrassing:

So my girlie turned 24 today. Something about 24 sounds so much older and 23. More serious. More real, as in, "She's graduated college and really not going to live here with us forever." I'm so grateful for the relationship I have with this young woman. Believe me. I do count my lucky stars for it every single day!

I LOVE you Cheryl... I LOVE you bunches!

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Mary said...

Awww....that first picture is so cute, cute, cute! In the last one, Cheryl looks so beautiful and yes, grown up. I can't believe she has grown up right before my eyes.