Monday, March 3, 2014

The TV is dying...

Doesn't that sound like the opening line from a really bad novel? Well, it's the story of our weekend. The TV has sound, and it also has picture... most of the time anyway. I said that we are not allowed to get a new TV until we get a TV stand.

Here is what we had before. The TV is sitting on a large sheet of plywood because it is too big for the TV stand.

My dream is to have a TV that actually fits on the stand. So, after a trip to IKEA, and putting the two kids to work...

We have this!

Clean, classy and the TV FITS! YAY!

Jena and Buddy are getting along great. I wish I had taken some pics of them in the rain. They were having a blast playing in the mud and water... then they both got a bath. They sure needed it.

They are getting closer and closer to cuddling together. But, mom, the blue fuzzy snake is now squeaker-less.

Cheryl has been practicing on the Uke, and she's getting good!

The Uke class is over, now we are taking wine tasting together :oD It's a good thing that Chris has class the same time at Saddleback College so he can drive us home... the teacher gives us much more than a taste. After "tasting" six different wines there was more than one drunk person in that classroom, haha!

That's it for our house! Have a great week!

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Mary said...

Love the new TV stand. It does look very clean and classy. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I always love seeing pictures of your home.