Thursday, November 6, 2014

Whoo's in El Moro 50K

I just realized that I didn't share any pictures from Cheryl's first ULTRA race!

We arrived at Crystal Cove State Park so early in the morning that we couldn't see how to get into the parking lot.

This is Cheryl and her pacer, Steve. It's Steve's responsibility to make sure that Cheryl has a successful race. In this picture, he's helping her through some pre-race jitters.

And they're off! Ultra races are not very big... this one had about 120 people in it.

So Cheryl and Steve are gone with the 50K... it's time for me to start with the 25K group.

I met a guy during the race who was expecting to finish in 3:30. That's 30 minutes before the 4 hour cut-off, so I thought that would be good. He let me pace off of him for the race.

I finished in 3:21, 5th in my age group... which was dead LAST!

Then I waited for Cheryl and Steve...

And waited...

Here they come to the finish line!

Cheryl and Steve finished in 7:37! That's 7 hours and 37 minute of running... 23 minutes before the 8 hour cut off... 31 miles!!! Which makes this more amazing is that Cheryl hasn't run more than 18 miles in her training.

She made it! And 6th in her age group!... which is also dead LAST! Well, we have lots of room for improvement for next time! Thanks for joining me on our race recap.


Mary said...

Congratulations Cheryl! Even though it was last, my goodness....look how many runners didn't even run the race.

BethieJ said...

You girls are AMAZING!! GREAT job on the race!!! THANKS for sharing the pictures! I always love to see them!!!
Have a GREAT day!!