Saturday, July 11, 2015

An Evening of Messy Fun!

Thursday night a local artist named, Jacki Long, came to Mission Viejo to teach a portrait collage class. I couldn't resist! I love the cabana art that she created for the community center...

(*picture from

... and the Mission Viejo Library card:

(*picture from )

I met Jacki, seven very nice ladies, and one sweet dog at a night of art and fun:

(*picture from )

I know it looks like I'm by myself, but there were others there. They must have been picking out paint or digging through the huge tub of paper at the time the photo was taken, haha!

Here is my collaged girl. The background is painted, the face is a combination of butcher paper, sewing patterns and yellow tissue paper. The hair is torn tissue and napkins, and I used acrylic paint to finish the face.

If you want to see more art from the night, visit Jacki Long's blog.

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!


Jacki Long said...

Wow! What a cool blog, and thank you for your kind words, Joni! ♥
I love how your collage turned out, and that you enjoyed the process. Thanks so much for sending me a link.

The morning after your class I got up to join a friend to go to Pasadena to see the Corita show,(my hero)and I am still seeing images floating around in my head. My blog tomorrow will feature 70 (!!! I just counted) photos.

Hope we meet again, soon!

Mary said...

Totally love her! I love al the bright colors.