Friday, September 7, 2007

Book Review - Sea of Monsters, Small Steps, Maximum Ride #3

Whoa! Call me slow... I just got it! Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series is a take off on Harry Potter! In the second book of the series, "The Sea of Monsters," Percy and the half blood Olympians must save the camp (instead of wizard kids saving their school), by recovering the Golden Fleece from the Cyclops Polyphemus. We find out in this book about Percy being the child mentioned in "the Prophesy." Also there is an evil titan spirit, whose henchmen are trying to create a new body for him so he can take over Olympus and the world. But add dodgeball playing cannibals, a satyr in a wedding dress, and partying-animal centaurs; and even with the similarities to Harry Potter you have a very entertaining story for 5th-6th graders! I very highly recommend this series.

This sequel to "Holes" features Armpit's and X-ray's life after Camp Greenlake. When I think of "Holes," I think of it's story as a tall-tale... Fun and magical. "Small Steps" is a story with social implications... growing up, triumph of the human spirit, of self-sacrifice, and of doing the right thing. It is very sweet and as long as you don't go in thinking that it will be "like Holes," it's a very enjoyable read.

Well, Max finally saves the world, kind of... I almost didn't read this book, because book 2 irritated me so much. I was irritated at the start of this book also, but I read the ending first, and that kept me going. LOL! Good thing I did, because I would have put this one down... the flock fighting and splitting up, Sight-seeing Europe, googling girls on the beach! Hello! You're supposed to be saving the world!

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