Saturday, January 5, 2008

Progress Map

On my way to Woodsfield! I'm off to a good start!
My current mileage puts me past the Cleveland National Forest and over Sun City... waving "Hello" to all the snow birds there!


lisa said...

I'm impressed Joni!! Keep up your running!! :) By the way... could you contact me about guest designing for our opening? But only if you want... no pressure!! :) Hugs,
Lisa (so-muchlove)!!

Julie O. said...

Yay Joni! You are such an inspiration, creativly and athletically! I love your running journal. Fantastic idea! Your blog header looks good too!

BethieJ said...

I LOVE your new photo Joni!! SO PRETTY! Love the beach photos too, dang I may even take up jogging if I could run by that beach everyday! LOL!!
Good luck on your miles! I am CHEERING for ya!!!
See ya at 2SCD!!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

hoooollllleeeerrrr!!!! and thank you so much for the rak! and yes, i can definitely use the beautiful cards!!! you rock!