Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekly Sports report

Chris had a XC meet today at Laguna Hills High School... he was incredible!!!
The meet was by grade level (frosh, soph, junior, senior). Since there wasn't a varsity race, the varsity sophmores ran the sophmore race. There were at least 10 schools running together. Chris came in 5th for his school (behind the three varisty sophmore runners and one other boy)... so that makes him the #2 sophmore runner this year! He finished the 3-mile course in 17:56... a new PR! That's over a minute faster than his fastest time last year (19:08). He was flying!!!

After his race we headed to his soccer game where he played most of the game. He played great, and the team won 2-1.

Chris's next soccer game is Saturday, 09/20/2008 11:45AM... then he has an XC meet that evening at Woodbridge High School in Irvine at 6:35pm.

Cheryl spent last weekend in San Luis Obispo in a college tournament. They won their first game 4-0, and tied their second game 2-2.

This week Tuesday, they had a game in Ventura and lost 0-3. Cheryl was center defender against a girl they named "Amazon Girl." She was over 6' tall and huge! Cheryl held her own during the first half. The coach put a more agressive player into center defender in the second half, and Cheryl was moved to left defender... the other team then scored their three goals. Cheryl was happy the goals were not her fault...

Friday, Cheryl stayed in the left defender position and made some great runs up the side. The team tied San Diego 1-1.

Cheryl's next game is Tuesday 9/16 at Rancho Capistrano at 3pm, against the #1 college team in their division. She plays again on Friday in Riverside.


Tami said...

i can't wait to watch my kids play sports!

BethieJ said...

Joni~ What GREAT photos of the kiddos in their sports... Sounds like they are both doing GREAT!! You must be one proud mom!!!!
Hope your weekend is WONDERFUL!!

Mara... said...

Joni, I love your sports updates!!! Super cool about your son, he's turning into a great runner!!

Mary said...

WOW!!! Your kids are very busy! I hope they have a great season!!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i don't know how you keep up with it all!!