Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Sports Report

Chris didn't play his soccer game, because he had the Woodbridge Invitational meet in the evening. He was hoping to post a new PR. Unfortunately, he didn't have a very good race. First off there was a pile-up accidentally caused by Chris. He stepped on the heel of the runner in front of him and caused about six runners to fall. He managed to jump over and around them, but lost his focus. He ended up with a cramp in his side and finished around 19:10.

In Cheryl's game against #2 state ranked Santiago Canyon, she started as outside defender. At half time, trailing 0-3, they moved both Cheryl and the other outside defender to the midfield to add more force to the offense. It didn't work... the team ended up losing 0-8.

Cheryl's second game of the week was in Riverside. This time the coach moved her to the starting forward line. The team lost 1-5. Cheryl almost scored that goal. She was ready to shoot the ball when a player from her own player stole the ball from her and shot it.


Mara... said...

I love reading your sports reports Joni!

Mary said...

Chris will do better next time. I am sure of it. Sounds like Cheryl's team was up against some pretty stiff competition with the #2 team. You are getting very good at sports shots! Thanks for posting and keeping us all up to date.