Friday, June 12, 2009


Some of my friends participate in the Thursday-13, where they make of list of 13 random items on their blogs on Thursday. My friends Beth and Mara participate in Friday Favorites, where they make a list of their favorite things on Friday.

Well, I like the randomness of the Thursday 13 but I think 13 items are just too many! I like the Friday Favorites, but I want to list more than just my favorite things.... So, I've come up with my own blogging list called Friday-5! Hmmmm... now I think I need a blinkie. Oh well, that's something else I don't have time to do, LOL!

I've had music on my mind more than usual this week (probably because I've been without it). I went running at lunch on Monday and got caught in the rain... my poor little MP3 player didn't like that one bit! Yep, it gave up the ghost... I miss it. I ordered a new one from Amazon (with twice as much memory, YIPEE!) and I'm impatiently waiting for its arrival.

With music on my mind... here are five of my best running songs:

1.Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

2. Beautiful Day - U2

3. Fame - Irene Cara

4. Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf

5. Dreams - Van Halen


BethieJ said...

Oh what GREAT songs.. that Van Halen song is one of my FAVORITE songs by them.. I fondly remember getting ready to go out on the town with friends...When that was popular what 2 or 3 years ago! HA HA!!
Have a GREAT weekend! LOVED your 5 favorites!!!

Mary said...

Love your take on the posting! hahaha Your list of 5 Favorites is a good one. I can hear the beat and it makes you really want to go!

Mara... said...

Love the songs, Joni!!! I love that U2 song and the Bruce Springstein, great running songs!! So sad about your MP3 player, I cannot live without my ipod for even one day.

I love your 5 favorites!! Will come back next week, same time for another update, hee hee!!