Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy National Running Day!

It's been a wet wild Wednesday! We had thunder and lightning this morning, but I still managed to get out for a run at lunch. Cheryl even drove over to come with me. Chris ran after school. So that is our family's contribution to National Running Day!

I've been a bad blogger. Chris had a soccer tournament last weekend. The team did great!

His team lost their first game 0-3. (The team that they lost to went on to win the tournament.) Chris's team won their next two games. Chris showed his conditioning in the third game, when he was one of the few boys who could still run. He was moved to mark the fastest striker on the other team and was able to overtake him. They made it to the playoffs and were supposed to play for overall third place, but the other team didn't show up. So, they all came home with third place medals. I asked Chris if everyone was happy or sad that they didn't play. He said, "The ones that could still move were a little sad, but everyone else was happy!" LOL!

Cheryl was in a tournament Memorial Day weekend... now you know what a bad blogger I've been... Her team lost their first game; won their second game 3-0; tied their third game... and that put them in the semi-finals. They had to come back and play two more games Monday... both were loses. They came home with 4th place medals. The girls were so tired! I can only remember one other tournament where Cheryl played 5 games. On their one win of the weekend, Cheryl scored one of the three goals, and assisted the other two (one on a through ball to the striker and the other from a corner kick). I'm so excited, I actually caught her goal on film! Look at the placement of that ball!

Cheryl is playing in a tournament this weekend at World Cup. These will be her very last recreational soccer games.
Saturday - 2:15 and 7:15
Sunday - 10:30


Scrapping The Music said...

That is a lot of soccer! I didn't contribute by running, but I did walk! LOL

BethieJ said...

Joni CONGRATS to both kiddos on their soccer tourneys!!! and GOOD luck on the upcoming games!
I too didnt run.. but I walked!
I cant WAIT for PTIs new release.. did you see the CUTE cupcake today.. oh my! TROUBLE is coming ~ HA HA!
Have a GREAT weekend!!