Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photoshop Class Day 6

Today's class was on replicating a TTV look. She never did say what TTV stands for but it's a worn, faded look. Photographers will actually take photographs (often using a macro lens and a light blocking device) through the viewfinder of an old camera. The result is a photo with blackened edges, distortion, scuffs and scratches and marks - pretty much what we've been looking for all our lives, right? ;o)

Here is a beautiful photo of my mom that I scanned into the computer. Why anyone would want to grunge up a beautiful photo is a total mystery to me.

Here is the image after applying the TTV filter and some brushes... I have to admit that I like the look!

NOTE: Adding TTV Texture
Most old cameras took photos as squares, so we'll be cropping square for authenticity. :)
Now add either a vintage desaturated look, OR a sepia-tone look using the instructions in Day 3's lesson.
Open and add your TTV texture to your image, resize as needed so the black edges go all the way to the edge of the image.
Set your TTV layer to Multiply.


Mara... said...

I think they are both beautiful!!! I love that sentiment you put on the 2nd one, looks pretty cool.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love this!! and i have an old brownie camera that i bought just for this reason...i've yet to try it!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

and she is beautiful!!! btw.

BethieJ said...

BEAUTIFUL Joni.. the photos, and your mom!!