Friday, January 29, 2010

Book of Me - A & B

I DID IT! I officially started my "Book of Me." I'm going to use the letters of the alphabet as prompts to journal about me for an entire year. By then you'll be really tired of hearing about me, lol! I decided to do this as digital pages and print the whole thing out as a 5x7 Shutterfly book when I'm done.

Here are my first two pages... A and B!

Anxious, Things that make me
Driving. It's not so much that I don't like to drive, it's that I don't like to try and be somewhere on time. I always add half an hour and still there is a fear that I'll get lost or that I'll hit traffic. I don’t like to be late. I try working backward. Okay, I need to be there at 9am. That means I should arrive at 8:45 to leave time for parking. That means I need to leave the house by 8am-- no, play it safe, there could be a lot of traffic say 7:30. That means I need to get up at 6:45; that gives me 45 minutes to get ready. I'll immediately repeat the whole internal dialogue-calculations, see if I come up with the same time estimates. I'll do this at least a couple more times before I leave, one of the times being at night when I set my alarm clock and check at least twice that it's set to AM instead of PM. Thank goodness for Garmin. Garmin and its annoying female voice make me less worried I’ll get lost.
Flying. Again like driving but with even more variables. Being at the airport two hours early, airport traffic, long term parking, van ride, locating the right terminal, ticketing, baggage check, security, and finding the gate!

I like my birthday. The actual date, November 25, falls right around Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm a turkey. I don't like a big fuss made about my birthday. We've been combining my birthday with Thanksgiving forever, and I like it that way. Typical birthday dinner: turkey and cake!

How are you? busy. How's work? busy. How was your week? busy.

Telling the story of my life! Staying connected with family and friends all over the country! I started blogging in 2007 to share ideas with other scrapbookers on the web. But there is more to my life than just scrapbooking. I find that I’m a creative person with something to say. Truthfully, I blog for me... because it keeps me connected to my life.


Mary said...

Your book is off to a GREAT start! I am very curious to read more about you. I feel like I know you pretty well, but I think it will be fun to say...hummm...didn't know that! hahaha I am also the same way about driving. I ALWAYS try to leave extra early, but hubby is a last minute kind of guy. That makes my life even more stressful!

Mary said...
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BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVE this idea.. and your A and B were GREAT!!! Cant wait to see what the other letters are gonna be about!!
Have a GREAT day!

Mara... said...

Awesome job Joni!! And that is just great you got is started, I can't wait to see all the pages. And what a great idea to do it all digital, I think that would make the journaling easier.

Hope you're having a good weekend. How's the ankle??? Ready for SurfCity next weekend?

Michelle said...

Such a fun book to do. I did one a few years ago and I still love looking back at it!