Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Southern California Half-Marathon results

They posted Chris's official time for the Southern California Half Marathon. He finished in 1:40 (that includes his bathroom break). He came in 56 out of 679 in his age group, and 279 out of 3832 overall. That means that 18% of the people running were boys between the age 15-18yrs. That's a lot of boys!

Surf City is only two weeks away and I'm still not doing a full run yet. Between the rain and my sore ankle, it's hard to get in any running time at all.


Mary said...

Chris sure looks like he is in GREAT shape! Hang in there! I would still like to see how well he would do if he didn't have to stop and use the RR and he ran his best. I bet he would blow everyone away!

Mara... said...

Congrats to Chris, that is a great time! I hope your ankle is healing. The rain has really put a damper on my runs, too. I can only run so much on the treadmill before I go crazy. LOL!!

BethieJ said...

CONGRATS Chris!! Joni I sure hope your ankle is feeling better soon!!!