Monday, August 30, 2010

August Vacation - Day 4

Today is Jim and Chris's last day in Toronto. They didn't see anything from the Hippo bus that they wanted to do today, so we went to the CN Tower. It is the tallest tower in the world! I got dizzy looking up at it!

They had special security in place. These boxes are called "sniffers." We file through one at a time, it shot air at us, and then checks that air for explosives residue.

It's a strong blast of air... I was glad that I wasn't wearing a skirt!... think Marilyn Monroe, LOL!

The bottom level of the tower had a glass floor.
The kids and Jim were standing on the glass floor when I jumped from the sidelines onto the glass... It scared Jim silly! It's been a while since we've seen him move that fast! We were all falling down LAUGHING!

It was a great time! After the CN Tower, it was time for Jim and Chris to leave us. Jim couldn't get the entire week off and Chris had to get back home because he was still in summer school. We pointed Garmina to the Toronto International Airport, and off we went! Bye, Jim, Bye, Chris... we'll miss you!

After Jim and Chris took off, Cheryl and I were on our own. We made it back to the hotel on the first circut around the block (yeah, I'm GOOD, LOL!), parked the car... valet of course, since we never found that self-park lot. AND jumped on the subway to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

The ROM is an amazing place! We really wanted to see the Terracotta Army when they were at LACMA, but unfortunately, we missed it. Luckily for us they are here at ROM!

Here is our photo of the Terracotta warriors, lol! Unfortunately, we couldn't take photos in the exhibit, so this is all we have. We spent all afternoon at the museum. They had a great dinosaur exhibit, ancient art, wildlife and the highlight were the bat caves!

We didn't know where to go next, so we decided to ask someone... On the recommendation of a salesman in the museum gift store, we jumped on the trolley to Kinsington Market.

Kinsignton is a GREAT outdoor market... LOTS of food, and LOTS of places to eat. What great timing, we are just in time for dinner!

We located the Tapas Bar recommended by the guy in the gift store! What a treat! We ate out on the patio and sampled several Tapas dishes! YUM! The waiter recommended that we checkout the Distillery... We put that on our list of things to do tomorrow!

After getting so stuffed that our stomachs hurt, we had a nice long walk back to the hotel along the water front! I've said it before and I'll say it again... Toronto is a beautiful city!

Now Cheryl and I have the HUGE room to ourselves... nothing like living in luxury! hehehe...


Mary said...

What a nice trip! Everything does look so beautiful and clean!

Mara... said...

Ahhh, looks great! Too bad your boys couldn't stay longer, but I bet you and cheryl can find some trouble to get into. Hee hee!!

BethieJ said...

FABULOUS photos Joni!!! Looks like a FUN time!