Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

We started our Easter with a visit to church that my SIL's family attends, the Saint John Vianney. The church was set fire on the Friday before Easter week. It's just terrible... over 8 million dollars in damage! It didn't stop Easter services. They setup a temporary tent to keep the rain off the worshipers... and service went on as scheduled.

It also didn't stop the bunnies from making their rounds. Here's a little bunny caught in the act!

Oh, look I see a BIG BUNNY! LOL!

Another pretty bunny with bling!

Pretty yellow chicks for my cute chickie... Notice how Cheryl is joining the ranks of bunnies and leaving the finding to the kids. {sniff} Where did my little girl go?

Here they are all ready to go! I always seem to miss the posed group photo op... Well, at least I got the candid of the kids starting out to hunt for those elusive eggs!

Doesn't Mima have a GORGEOUS garden! Perfect for an egg hunt!

Here are some more of Mima's flowers. You can see that she grows some very SPECIAL flowers!

Now the TRADING begins! Everyone ended up getting what they wanted...

We ended the day with the most PERFECT chocolate bundt cake that I have ever seen! My little niece made it all by herself. And it tasted even better than it looks! YUM!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Easter! Thanks for visiting!


BethieJ said...

How SAD about the church.. that breaks my heart.. some people.. WHAT are they even thinking.. or are they even thinking? So happy it didnt stop the service.. now on the happy news.. I LOVED the egg hunt! I wanna come next year! It looks so FUN! and I agree a PERFECT egg hunting garden!! (bling too! lucky hunters! :) )
Have a GREAT day!!

Mary said...

WOW!!! What a beautiful garden! Most of those flowers/plants I have never seen before or at least IRL. Love the egg hunt. Reminds me of my childhood at my Aunt Judy's. I always love to see what your family does together. The cake looks great! She really did a good job!