Saturday, April 9, 2011

Joy Captured - Hail.

What a NIGHT! Thunder, lightning, and HAIL! What fun is HAIL? It falls from the sky, first at BB sized balls, and then as pea sized balls. It turns the ground white. It makes a lot of racket! AND they make great snowballs!

Add to that lightning, thunder, three dogs barking, and lots of laughter! It was a fun, WILD night!


Mara... said...

WOW!! That is crazy! That's alot of hail. Must have been quite a night.

Stella said...


We had some hail here the other day. Our girls were in the middle of a softball game when the storm started. They ran for the dugout and videotaped the hailstorm.

Hope there wasn't much damage.

Mary said...

I bet that was LOUD! You are having some crazy weather.

BethieJ said...

Joni that does sound WILD! We had hail yesterday.. Amanda just opened the door to listen! LOVE the snowball photo! :)