Monday, May 30, 2011

Laguna Hills Half Marathon

I usually wait until I get race pictures before I post times, but I'm super excited! I ran a 1:52! That's 5 minutes faster than my fastest half-marathon time! This was a very hilly course, but it was a perfect day for running (not too hot and not too windy). I still only came in 4th place in my age group... yes, first loser again!

Jena and Jim came down to see us off. Jena really loves to go running, and was very bummed that she wasn't running with us.

And we're off! Chris didn't do as badly as he thought (he hasn't been running for 2 weeks). Once track season ended, he joined scuba. Anyway, he finished somewhere in the mid 1:40's.

This is our second half-marathon in May, so we have run a FULL marathon in May! We even have a medal to prove it!

Official results: Me
Overall: 343 out of 1414
Women: 88 out of 708
F 50-54: 4 out of 69
Age/Grade: 66.90% Place: 101
Finish: 1:52:52 Pace: 8:37
Tag Time: 1:52:52
Gun Time: 1:53:23

Offical results: Chris
Overall: 253 out of 1414
Men: 193 out of 706
M 13-18: 16 out of 40
Age/Grade: 57.13% Place: 427
Finish: 1:47:31 Pace: 8:13
Tag Time: 1:47:31
Gun Time: 1:48:02


Mary said...

Chris and his orange shirt! YAHOO on your times! Both sound amazing to me.

BethieJ said...

YEAH to both of you Joni~ That is GREAT!!! LOVE the photo with Jena in it!!! :)
Have a GREAT day!