Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Project...

We are getting our carpets cleaned on Monday... the ENTIRE house! I can't wait! Well, since the carpets will be all clean and fresh smelling again, we want to get a doggie door. That way Jena can go out when she needs to... no more accidents in the house! We found out that Jena is an in-between sized dog. A Medium sized door is 7.5" wide... an XL door is 10.5" wide. For some reason, there is no size Large door. We want to know if Jena will fit through a medium door. The Home Depot guy told us to get a piece of cardboard and cut a medium sized door in it; then we just have Jena take a test drive, so to speak.

Well, here is our test door!

... and here is Jena, hiding under the computer desk. She is terrified of the cardboard with the hole in it.

We tried to coax her through with food. We even showed her that the kitty was eating her food!

We tried to get her to play ball, chase the bunny, or come after her favorite squeaky whale... Nothing worked!

Hours later, we finally coaxed her through with a piece of sausage dipped in marinara sauce. Her ears brushed the sides of the door and she freaked out. So question answered... we need to get the XL doggie door.

Oh, you might have noticed the realistic looking kitty and bunny. Chris has really out done himself! Hahaha!!!

Chris put the bunny out front... for no special reason... "Why not?" We have lots of bunnies in our area. Maybe it will keep the bunnies from coming into our yard...

All the neighborhood dogs are going NUTS over the bunny! When they walk by, they bark and want to kill Chris's bunny. We may only find paper shreds left in the morning.


Mary said...

That is hysterical!!! I wonder how long it will take her to get used to the real thing?

Chris is so talented! Maybe he could make coyote for our yard to scare off the others.

BethieJ said...

Oh Joni this made me LOL!! I LOVE the bunny and kitty.. so realistic! Think he can make my kids a dog.. ha ha!!! :)