Monday, August 15, 2011

Italy/Greece : Day 5 - Around Sorrento

We got to sleep in until 7am! You should have heard the cheer when Fabrizio made that announcement. hahaha!

We were so used to getting up at 6am that we were still up early. The kid's room is right below ours. Good Morning Chris and Cheryl...

This morning we are taking a shopping tour into Sorrento. Our first stop is an inlaid wood demo. Hmmm... interesting and pretty, I guess. A lot of people from the tour were buying platters, music boxes, picture frames, and chess sets, but we didn't buy anything.

The kids took off for downtown Sorrento soon after that. Jim and I waited for Fabrizio to take us into town. He was going to tell us where we can find a birthday card in Italian for my nephew. We've been looking everywhere! Well, everywhere we would find a birthday card here... markets, drugstores, and book stores, but no luck. Turns out that to get a birthday card in Italy, you need to go to a tobacconist at a store called a tobacchi. They sell tobacco products, newspapers, and greeting cards. So after getting the card, we shopped a little downtown.

The kids did their shopping in their own way...

We shopped all morning and had lunch on a local farm. They make all their own food and ingredients from what they grow.

Some of us got put to work making pizza...


YUM! Cheryl's favorite meal!

Those of us who still had energy climbed on a bus to the Amalfi coast and Positano. The drive was fairly short, the road was twisty, and the views were gorgeous!

The town of Positano was crowded. We walked to the beach and put our feet in the water. (NOTE: at the time we thought it was the Mediterranean Sea, but I just looked it up. It's the Tyrrhenian Sea) I wish we had our swimsuits. The water felt wonderful!

We did a little exploring... I LOVE those grapes hanging down over Cheryl's head!

Everyone was ready to go back to the hotel early, and most slept on the bus. It was a LONG day... and it's not over! We have another BIG meal tonight at the hotel. All this food is getting to me, so I decided to go for a run through the park adjacent to our hotel. It wasn't a big park so I went round and round and round. When I was done, I stopped on the terrace to cool off and what did I see?

Cheryl and Chris going for a swim! There were a LOOOOONG staircase running down the cliff side, so I went down to say "hi."

I left them to it and went back up ALL THOSE STAIRS!!!

Later when I saw the kids at dinner, they asked, "Hey, Mom! Did you know there was a elevator?" Huh? Now you tell me! hahaha!

What we learned today... If you visit a farm, wear pants and long sleeves or the bugs will eat you alive!


Mara... said...

Joni, I am just catching up with all your amazing vacation photos. It looks like a trip of a lifetime. The water is SOOOOO blue and beautiful!!!! So awesome that you got to experience this with your family. You have tons of new scrapping material!

Mary said...

All the photos are just beautiful! Chris and Cheryl sure look like they are having a good time. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this with us.