Monday, August 22, 2011

Italy/Greece : Day 9 - Venice

We got to sleep in until 7:20 this morning! YAHOO!

After breakfast we took a boat to Murano.

It's an island famous for Venetian glass. We visited this one glass factory.

Checkout the front page on their website... it's a map of where they are... very COOL!

They gave us a glass blowing demo.

Everything there was CRAZY expensive! $900 for an 8" glass bowl... $135 for a small glass pendant! We didn't get anything there!

After that we took a boat to Venice. Since Cheryl was there yesterday, she knew her way around. She took us to all the best viewing spots. It was so CROWDED! Like Disneyland on a Saturday during the summer!

And it's not just the walkways that are crowded! Look at the canals!

We were so ready to get out of there! We signed up for a walking tour of back street Venice... What a RELIEF! No crowds, and the city is lovely!

After leaving Venice behind... we arrived at the Island of Burano for an early dinner.

I don't know if I mentioned that the drinking age in Italy is 16yrs. Since alcohol is included at every dinner we've had here, the kids have been drinking (just beer and wine).

After dinner, we had time to explore Burano. Burano is a fishing village (with tourist shops of course).

We took our boat back to Lido Island... And got our feet wet in the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, it really is Mediterranean Sea this time. I checked on the map, hehehe...

Say goodnight to our last night in Italy!


Mary said...

So glad you signed up for the back street tour. Italy is beautiful! Do people use boats there like we use cars?

BethieJ said...

BEAUTIFUL Joni.. all your photos just make me WANT to go more..