Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Good-bye to Summer and a few Explosions

I know I already did a good-bye to summer post when Chris went back to school... but Cheryl didn't start school until this past week, so it seems fitting to do another good-bye to summer in her honor!

Here's the last bike ride of the summer. The kids and Papa are taking my nephew's bicycle for a spin down the street.

HEY! Where did Papa go? Did he fall off?

Now on to our first explosion... bottle rockets! Here's Chris using his muscles to launch a rocket. They even sent one over the house and into the backyard pool, lol!

Here is our second explosion... I'm sure you've heard of Mentos and Coke, maybe even seen the videos... but have you ever tried it?

It's easy! Drop a Mento into a liter Coke bottle and run!

Oops, they didn't run fast enough, hahaha!


After all the explosions, what I'm really going to miss about summer is nap time!

For those of you that are wondering when I'm going to finish blogging about the trip... I've tried to finish it, but thinking of doing it makes me sad. Hmmm... I wonder why?

Anyway, I'll get to it eventually... as for now, GOOD-BYE TO SUMMER!


Mary said...

I love the bottle rocket! I've made them before with just air, but the water would make them even more fun!

Mary said...
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