Thursday, November 10, 2011

12 in 2012!!!

What does that cartoon to do with today's post? Well, (1) running with my coworkers is giving me speed envy, and (2) I can't make a blog post without at least one picture, lol... Anyway, my friend, Jill, is encouraging runners to join the challenge: 12 half-marathons in 2012!
We (yes, I did say "WE") have decided to take up the challenge... sort of...

Chris used to run in high school on track and cross country. He decided to just run on his own in college and not run with the college team. He thought that running when, where, and how long he wanted, instead of pushed by coach and team would be more appealing to him. But, he found that he lacks motivation and misses racing.

Cheryl is a Senior at Cal Poly Pomona, but she won't graduate this year because she can't get the classes that she needs. She wants to get back into shape so that she can try out for the Cal Poly soccer team next summer. Athletes get priority registration!

So I'm running with two kids who haven't run since last Spring. I think it's best for us to start slow... start with 5K's and work our way up to a half-marathon! Here is our schedule so far for 2012:

January - Neverland 5K(1/27) - this is a night run
February - either China Town Firecracker 5K (2/12) or Timberwolf 5K (2/18)
March - Coaster Run 10K (3/25)
April - still looking... can't find a local 10K in April yet
May - OC Half-Marathon (5/6)
June - Rock and Roll San Diego Half-Marathon (6/3)

That is as far as we have planned... If all goes well Cheryl will make the soccer team and will probably stop racing in June. So that will leave Chris and me to finish out the rest of the year.


My SoCal Life said...

that's awesome you're running with them!!! I'm all about the 5ks LOL! stopping by from Fitness Friday hop!

Kathy said...

Great to take on the challenge! And smart idea to start with 5k's and work your way up! Excited to follow your progress...

here from the blog hop!

Mary said...

Love your motivation! I am sure you will all succeed.

Jennifer said...

Good for you!! :)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

That's awesome that you are doing the 12 in 2012! It's a great goal to have!

jillconyers said...

Joni I LOVE the fact that you're doing this with your kids. My son wants to run many of 5Ks of the half marys I'm running.

I look forward to seeing your 2012!

Oh and I shared your not sure if I'm slow image on FB. Love it!

XLMIC said...

That is an awesome race schedule! Wishing you the best with it :)