Monday, November 28, 2011

Another She Art Girl

Here is another She Art girl... I call her my Pride and Prejudice girl. Pride and Prejudice is Cheryl's all time favorite book. We also have the DVD and I just took her to see the play at the South Coast Repertory.

To make the girl's background I created a collage of all our Pride and Prejudice stuff... like the play ticket and the parking ticket from SCR.

This is a xerox copy of the title page of the book.

This is a copy of the front of the DVD box.

I looked up regency styles from the late 1800's and created a dress for my girl in that style.

She ended up too short, which kind of bugs me. I guess she could be the Bennet's little sister. hahaha! The saying is hard to see in black. It says, "She wasn't afraid to love."


Mary said...

Wow! I LOVE her!!! You did a super great job on the dress. Don't be surprised if you see one from me that looks similar. Also, her hair is GREAT! It looks curly! You did a great job! The background really turned out great too! LOL Over use of !!! so don't tell Cheryl. hehehe

BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVE her!!! I just LOVE all your girls!!!

Katey said...

I love your dress and her hair! I'm not very good at hair on the girls!