Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy Day...

On Monday, I was wearing a tank top... by Wednesday, I was wearing long sleeve sweater... by Friday, we were water logged! It's RAINING! And with similarity to gloomy skies, I've change the blog look temprarily.

Jena, didn't you hear?!! It's raining!

Looks like the gutters need cleaning out. Look at the water pour off the roof!

It's so funny to see Jena discover new things... like our new water feature. Think Jim would make this mini-waterfall permanent? It makes our front yard look very tropical, lol!

Once Jena figures out the water won't hurt her, she goes on the attack. Get that water, Jena!

Oh, Jena! What a mess!

I'm wishing everyone clean puppy days, and the return of sunny skies!


Mara Campbell said...

It was pouring today!!! The storm passed right over my kids school with crazy thunder and lightening. Apparently alot of kids were scared like crazy and there was some crying going on (even in 4th grade!!). What a crazy weather day!

And I'm kinda happy I don't have a wet dog to deal with, ha ha!

Mary said...

You should have just suds her up and let her rinse herself! LOL You sure didn't have to go get her wet to wash her.

She looks like she had a blast! I take it heavy rain is not "normal" for you.

Love seeing all the pictures too!

BethieJ said...

Oh those photos of Jena made me LOL! Could be I was not the one that had to clean her up! HA! looks like she enjoyed the water... wish I felt the same about the rain! HA HA!!
Hope your day is GREAT !