Sunday, April 22, 2012

Color Run

We thought we were going to have another 90F day, but it stayed cool and overcast... perfect for running!!! The Color Run is our 4th race in our 12 races in 2012 series. Here we are before the race, in the mandatory white T-shirt before the race starts:
There were over 12,000 people running this race! It was HUGE! We started in the 4th wave...
Here we GO! We quickly moved out front of the runners in our wave...
There were 4 color stations... yellow, green, blue, pink. Here's a view of the yellow station from afar:
Here is the pink station close up! LOL!
No, we weren't in that picture. Jim had a hard time picking us out of the 12,000 other people wearing white t-shirts, black shorts, sunglasses, and splattered with paint, lol! Oh wait! Here we are coming into the the finish line!
And here is us after the rainbow of finish line festivities.
Here are a couple of close ups of the new colorful US! Here's Chris. Doesn't he look like he had a GREAT time?
And here's Cheryl. She was so excited about this race that she had trouble sleeping last night! In this picture she thinks that she looks like the Luigi character from Nintendo...
And here we have Jim! He was careful NOT to wear a white shirt. He was so sweet to come out into the madness and take pictures. And for his trouble he now has pink boots.
Color was unavoidable! It was everywhere! From the tops of our heads...
All the way down to our toes...
And everywhere in between, and I mean EVERYWHERE! No place was safe from color!
You are probably wondering about clean-up. It wasn't bad at all... the green was the hardest color to get off. Cheryl had a little panic trying to remove her green mustache. BUT, not worry... Cheryl is now mustache free. This was such a FUN run. Lots of families were running/walking together. I'd recommend this race for a wild time. Here is the website so you can find a Color Run in your area:

Let me leave you with a 4 second video of the finish line... Yes, we are in there somewhere!


Mary said...

WOW!!! That is all I can say! It looks like everyone involved had a great time! That does look like a blast. Thanks so much for sharing. I was hoping you would!

BethieJ said...

Joni what a FUN FUN RUN!!! I looked into ours it is on moms day and sold out.. maybe next year.. Justin says he will go with me!! HA HA!! THANKS for sharing the photos (THANKS JIM!) hope Jim liked is new pink boots! :)
Hope your having a GREAT weekend!!