Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Buddy's Visit

Buddy came to visit for a couple nights while my parents were in Las Vegas. This is not earth-shattering news or in any way exciting enough to be post worthy... but who can resist posting a mess of puppy pictures? :oD

Buddy at play... he can play and play and play and play... chasing after Jena with those sharp puppy teeth and sharp puppy claws. Jena put up with it all pretty well. When she wanted a little peace and quiet, she'd go hide under the computer desk.

Buddy at rest is so sweet! After a rousing round of play, the little guy just conks out. He is so snugly when he's tired. No one can resist him!

We worked on house training... not very successfully... We had him sleep in the bathroom. I prop-ed the coffee table on it's side to block the door. He slept in there at night with no problems at all... what a good little guy!

The kids learned to keep their doors closed.because you never know what the little guy will get into. lol!

Love ya, little Buddy!


Mary said...

LOL!!! Loved all the pictures and the last one was his way of asking if you lost something. :D He was trying to be helpful. Thanks for sharing!

BethieJ said...

LOL!! LOVE the photos Joni.. looks like everyone had FUN with Buddy!!! Oh that last one is PRICELESS.. hee hee.. doors must be closed to the puppies! ;)
Hope your day is GREAT!