Friday, July 6, 2012

Lake Forest Firecracker 5K

We started our 4th of July bright and early at the Lake Forest Firecracker 5K. Jena almost ran with us, until Cheryl reminded me how she has a tendency to stop and go to the bathroom right in the middle of the path. So, she had to hang out on the sidelines with Jim.

Cheryl had a AMAZING race! She is getting so FAST! Cheryl came in 2nd in her age group!

Cheryl's time: 24:37.0
age group: 2/33
women: 55/597
overall: 239/1141

Cheryl left me in the dust!

My time: 25:09.3
age group: 5/51
women: 69/597
overall: 268/1141

Chris had to stop during the race and use the port-o-potty...

Chris's time: 25:38.7
age group: 58/78
men: 213/544
overall: 294/1141

After that we went to my mom and dad's for a visit and early dinner... then on to the Galaxy game, where they lost with just seconds left to go. Well,at least the fireworks show was good!


Mary said...

YEAH! Cheryl! You go girl.

What number race is this? You are doing really well at meeting your goal!

Mara Campbell said...

Looks like you all had a great race!!! Keep up the great races, I am living through all your running.