Sunday, September 30, 2012

4-wheelin' day-trippin'

Cheryl had a game and Chris had school, so Jim, Jena, and I jumped in the truck to beat the heat and head... to the top of Saddleback!

I've lived here all my life and have not been to the top of Saddleback. I've always wanted to go. As the crow flies, the top of Saddleback is 8 miles from Mission Viejo Lake, but it's a 3 hour trip by car to the top. Here we go...

We needed to stop and give Jena a potty break, but we're getting closer! Here we are at the top of Modjeska peak. That's the shorter mountain that makes up Saddleback (the one on the left) at 5,496 feet. But we are headed to the tip top... Santiago Peak!

We made it to Santiago Peak... 5,689 feet, and the tallest mountain in Orange County.

Here is the view from the top... we can even see Catalina Island from here!

Can you find our house?

Jena did really well on her first 4-wheelin' adventure. The poor little girl strained her ACL last week making a flying leap for the frisbee. She's on anti-inflammatory medicine and she's still limping, but she sure had a great time riding in the truck!

The kiddos and I went on a 10-mile run today. It was 93F when we dragged into the house. We are so going to die during the half-marathon next week!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Monday comes way too FAST!


Mary said...

I think I saw your house! LOL

Poor Jena! I sure hope her ACL gets better.

Love the pictures! What a great view!!!

BethieJ said...

WOW Joni what a VIEW! Looks like you all had a GREAT time!!!
Have a GREAT week!