Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zombie Run!!!

A Zombie 5K? Who would do a Zombie 5K? My zombie obsessed daughter, Chris, and me! It's a mud run and there were two types of participants... zombies and humans.

We were registered as humans. We parked about a mile from the registration area, walked to registration in the rain, waited in the registration lines for almost an hour, and finally lined up in the "appetizer" corral for our start. There were also "main course" and "dessert" corrals. The corrals are in the black enclosed area behind us. Our corral was the first to start, when they opened our door we took off like rats into zombie infested lands.

Here is how the race works... the humans each have 3 flags on a velcro belt. The zombies try to steal the flags. If we make it to the end with any flags remaining, we are human. With no flags, we finish as zombies.

There are other obstacles along with the zombies... a 1 mile uphill climb...

On the course (so we don't have pictures) there were mud pits, mud hills, dead ends, and two zombie infested mazes. There was also a slide into a pool of mud. Can you see Cheryl at the top of this picture ready to slide down? If you look closely you can see me climbing up the scaffolding on the back.

There were walls to climb over...

... and other obstacles to crawl under...

Cheryl is the only one who finished alive. She had one flag left. Chris and I ended up zombies. I was so close! The finish line was right in front of me when a zombie ran up behind me and took my last flag.

Cheryl finished human in 43:46, 3/87 in age group, 26/456 overall.
I finished a zombie in 43:45, 2/32 in age group, 24/456 overall.
Chris was also a zombie in 46:38, 4/20 in age group, 49/456 overall.

Cheryl wants to run this again. I hope she can find a friend to run with because even though Chris and I had fun, we are DONE with zombies, hahaha!

Time to clean off! (And Chris really really needs it!)

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Mary said...


So much fun! You all look so cute and yes MUDDY!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love seeing them.