Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project Life Marathon Training - Week 12

Six weeks until the marathon... SIX WEEKS! We were supposed to do a 16 mile run this weekend. We tried on Saturday, but only finished 4 miles before we went home. Chris's new shoes were hurting him and his foot was swollen. It's nothing that a little ice didn't fix up. We did our 16 miles on Sunday...4 miles Saturday + 16 miles Sunday = 20 mile weekend.

Things to remember for a long run... Eat for staying power. As Cheryl found out, Pop-tarts are not good running fuel. Chris found out that one bottle of water is not enough for a 16 mile run. I found out that it would have been a good thing to take an Aleeve BEFORE running.

We'll take what we learned and hopefully next week's 18 mile run will go smoothly.

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Mary said...

Great job! Another great layout.