Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project Life Marathon Training - Week 13

Five weeks and counting until the marathon! We split up again this week for the long run... 18 MILES!!! Cheryl didn't feel like going on Saturday, so Chris and I went without her. We went to Doheny Beach and then up the San Juan Creek trail to Rancho Capistrano. It wasn't too bad running-wise. Unfortunately, I stumbled on the uneven planks of the bridge. My ankle felt fine during and after the run, but today it hurts.

Today, I dropped Cheryl off at Cook's Corner so that she could run all downhill to Aliso Creek. She had a GREAT run!

Here's my layout for the week. No pictues... my camera is broken :o(

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Mary said...

Oh no! What happened to your camera? Another great layout though.