Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend update

Chris and I finished stripping the wall paper in my bedroom, then Chris decided that he wants the wallpaper in his room off too. After we finished Chris's room we had enough wallpaper remover to strip the wallpaper in the entry way... so 10 hours later, our house is completely wallpaper free. However, Cheryl is thinking of wallpapering her room. Chris said that he's not volunteering to take the wallpaper off when she gets tired of it, haha!

I took a day off from house cleaning and stripping wall paper to take an art class at the Laguna Beach Art-a-Fair with Agnes Copeland. She a collage and watercolor artist. Her collages make me smile. Here is the collage that I created in her class. The photo that I was working from was of Portofino, Italy:

I like the way it came out. I might add some pen work. I still need to think about it some more...

Jim and Cheryl are in Arizona. They should be home later this week!!!

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Mary said...

WOW!!! 10 hours of stripping wallpaper....yuck. Have Cheryl talk to Chris before she puts any up in her room. hahaha