Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holy Jim!

Today, Cheryl and I decided to go running out Holy Jim Canyon (it was named after a guy named Jim, who used to cuss at people... no lie!) We tried driving my car out to the trail head, but the road soon became impassible for a little FIT.

We backed out to the staging area and started running in to the trail... all uphill!

By the time we got to the trail head I was tired... we walked up a little ways, but headed back to the car... For a total of only 4 miles. Here is a little of what the tail looked like:

Thanks for coming on this little running adventure with us:


Mary said...

Love Cheryl's big smile. I can totally see why you turned around. That looks like some of our 4-wheeling trails.

BethieJ said...

OH that is so FUNNY how they got the name Joni!!! I too LOVE that big smile on Cheryl's face!!! Thanks for sharing photos of the run.. almost like I ran with ya.. ok I would be walking! ;)
Happy Sunday!