Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oh Fudge!

I decided that I wanted to make little gifts for my bunco group... my decision, FUDGE! Now I needed boxes to put the fudge into, so began the Fudge Box Project. There are eight boxes in all:

Here is the fudge packed inside... chocolate and peppermint:

Do you remember the snowman cup cards? Here is what the snowman cup cards looked like all packaged up for the hostess. These were drawings of the mugs that she's given us through the years:

That's all I have to share today. Have a great weekend!


Mary said...

The cards sounds like something wonderful that you would do. You are one of the most considerate and kind people I know. Totally LOVE all your creations. You really have been on a creative roll!

BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVE the fudge boxes and snowman cards! I LOVE you used the mugs you received as inspiration!! I bet EVERYONE LOVED their goodies!!
Have a GREAT day!! and WONDERFUL weekend!!