Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bulldog 25K

Cheryl ran her first 25K race this weekend! We headed out to Malibu Creek State Park at 4am, to meet the Run with Soul team doing the 50K. I hope the sun rises before race start!

We found the rest of the team! I LOVE our team shirts!!!

The 50K-ers are gone... time to get suited up for the 25K!

Heading for the starting line:

I started the race with Cheryl as her pacer ;oD What a beautiful place to run! I ran 3 miles in with her (up until the base of Bulldog hill)

Then I ran back to the car, hung out for about and hour, and started on the trail backwards.. looking for Cheryl. There she is!!! The RWS shirt makes her easy to spot, haha!

I found her about 2 miles in. She offloaded her vest and water bottle on me and we set off for the finish line...

Congrats to Cheryl on her first 25K! 3:09!

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Mary said...

YEAH! Way to go Cheryl! Was she pleased with her time? In the first picture of her lined up with the group, she had on flip-flops. I thought to myself....girl....where are your running shoes? hahaha